Drink It In.


4.3% Pilsner
Easy drinking, smooth, and crisp, this pilsner is perfect for the light beer drinker!  

Vertical House
6% Black IPA
This Black IPA was brewed as a community collaboration with Vertical House Records. It has rich, dark malt flavors blended with a citrusy hop aroma for a classic American Black IPA. This is a great beer for both lovers of hops or rich dark beers.

Busted Nut
5.5% Brown Ale
Busted Nut is an American brown ale that is malty, sweet and chocolatey with a small hop presence.

Nuthouse Stout
10% Imperial Stout
This British style imperial stout is rich and complex with malt flavor and notes of coffee, caramel, and chocolate with a smooth, warming finish.

Naughty or Spice
4.6% Belgian Christmas Beer
This Belgian single is brewed with cranberry, mulling spices, and vanilla. It has a sweet taste, with a flavor just like Christmas morning.

Hop in the Sack
7.4% IPA
This West Coast IPA uses a combo of Idaho #7 and Mosaic hops. A malty backbone with a powerful citrus aroma and fruity notes shine through in this crisp brew.

7.3% IPA
pleasant citrus and piney aroma so pleasing your nose won’t want your mouth to steal the moment! A woodsy initial taste leaves just the right amount of bitterness lingering on your palate.

Carousel Crash
4.5% Pale Wheat
This crisp, refreshing wheat ale is brewed with Norwegian yeast for extra esters and is dry-hopped with Citra.

Exotic Illusion
4.8 % Herbal Sour
a collaboration brew with Offbeat Coffee just down the road at campus 805, this sour is made with hibiscus, citrus herbs, and lemongrass.

Hawt Blonde
4.7% Blonde Ale
Hawt Blonde is a light and refreshing American blonde ale. It pours clear with a pleasing golden hue, with a hint of herbal spice from the Santaim hops.

Toucan Slam
5.5% Tropical IPA
Toucan Slam is your go-to IPA any time of year. With its tropical notes of passionfruit, an array of citrus, and a medley of berries, this beer fits right into the summertime. Yet with its slight pine hop crispness in the back end, this beer can be enjoyed any time of year to remind you of those sweet sunny days!

Go Nuts! Raspberry Prickly Pear
5% Hard Seltzer
Crisp, sweet, and refreshing seltzer sweetened with raspberries and prickly pear.

ALL BREWS ARE AVAILABLE in 32 OZ Crowler or 64 OZ Growler Fills